Bitesize Writing -- ふたたび始めたばかりなのに!

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始めたばかりの Bitesize Writing の話題を中断するのは残念ですが仕方がない・・・

新生(再生?) Bitesize Writing を覚えておいてもらいたくて、
ご存じ(?)「ある人」による Mr. Putter & Tabby の
Bitesize Book Talk をそのまま読んでいただきます!

それなのに(それだから?) Mr. Putter & Tabby の雰囲気を堪能できます!

英作文はまったくなし! 「借りる・盗む・真似する」の好例です。


Mr. Putter & Tabby
1. Reading
Mr. Putter and Tabby loved quiet time.
Quiet baths.
Quiet naps.
Quiet thinking.

They also loved quiet reading time.
Especially he liked to read with Tabby.

Tabby is on his lap.
On his feet.
On his head.

They had their favorite books.
About a cowboy.
About a rabbit.
About gardens.

Mr. Putter saw the sign at the library.
The sign said “Read aloud with your pet.”
Mr. Putter was excited.

The sign also said “It is at Story Time.”
Hmmm, thought Mr. Putter.

As a boy, Story Time was a very exciting time.

Mr. Putter signed up.

2. A Mistake
He told Mrs. Teaberry about signing up.
But it was a mistake.
Mrs. Teaberry loved anything new.

New hobby.
New friends.
New food.
She liked new.

Zeke loved new too.
Sometimes it got a little too exciting.

It was too late now.
She was already looking for her library hat.

3. Gusto!
“What story to read aloud at the library.”
He thought and thought.
About cowboys?
About rabbits?

About gardens?

Then he picked one.
It was a story about a bear.
“Bears are exciting.”

He practiced his story.
He read with gusto.
He told Tabby.
Tabby purred.
Reading was an adventure!

4. Story Time!
It was a day of story time.
They walked to the library.
All the children were very excited.
Tabby purred and purred.
Zeke licked a lot of faces.

Mrs. Teaberry read her story first.
It was a story about a dog.
When the dog in the story barked, Zeke barked.
When the dog in the story howled, Zeke howled.

When the dog in the story ran away, Zeke ran away.
“Come back, Zeke!” called everyone.

Zeke was not coming back.
Mrs. Teaberry was not worried.

Mr. Putter read his bear story.

Tabby curled up on laps.
On feet.
On heads.

Everyone clapped at the end.

Zeke came back.
He had cheese sandwich and another hat.

Everyone was happy with Zeke.
They got stickers and bookmarks for free.

They loved free stuff.
Story Time was very exciting.

5. Book Swap
Reading had been so exciting.
It made them thirsty and hungry.
Mrs. Teaberry made tea and biscuits for them all.

They swapped their books.
He and Tabby liked dog stories.
Zeke was curious about the bear.

That night, they all had stickers, bookmarks and good bedtime stories.

Zeke loved the bear.




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