Other Graded Readers

Besides ours, several learner groups and school teachers have published graded readers for learners of Japanese. Some features like furigana pronunciation hints, illustrations are common to all of these.

our levels shows the book/series has the same grading criteria as the Tadou Supporters has proposed.

Graded readers by learners and teachers of Japanese
our levels
These are produced by learners and teachers working alongside at Tadoku Supporters workshops, or by students in tadoku courses.
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  • Levels: 0-4
Readers produced by teachers in Hiroshima
by Japanese Graded Readers Project for Peace
Topics are taken from people and episodes in Hiroshima after the bomb.
  • FREE
  • Level: 3
Extra-Ordinary Readers from Oita
by Oita Project for Extra-Ordinary Readers our levels
JFL teachers in Oita pref. came together to make these books on Beppu and a lot of other topics in and about Oita.
  • FREE
  • Levels: 2-4

the Japanese Book-Reading ClubFREE

Want to read Japanese books? Join us if you know a little Hiragana. Booktalks after reading can be fun as well!

Saturdays 15:30~17:00 @Shinjuku

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Japanese Language Classes

You read a lot, talk a lot, and write a lot to begin and improve your Japanese.

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