Recommended Books

If you’re not sure what to read, try some of the books in the list below. If you have never read through a book written entirely in Japanese, Level 0 would be a good place to start. Remember: No translating to your mother tongue, no focus on words, look carefully at the pictures, listen to the recording — in other words, enjoy the whole world books represents.

Level 0 books you might enjoy:

Tadoku starts here. Illustrations and photos play a big part in each book. Some come without words, with quizzes and funny episodes, some with culture and nature Japan. You don’t have to understand everything. Enjoying the book is all. Listening while reading is a good way to get familiar with Japanese sounds.

Level 1 books you might enjoy:

Level 0 books are there so you get used to ‘reading pictures’. Level 1 books will add plenty of words to pictures. Fairy tales, horror stories, introduction to Japanese culture, and much, much more. You can immerse yourself in reading for pleasure.

Level 2 books you might enjoy:

Level 2 books have longer sentences. Reading a lot of Level 1 books should have made them easier to enjoy. Some books at this level may bring tears to your eyes, and others give you foretaste of long original novels. Culture and nature are still big at this level.

Level 3 books you might enjoy:

The range of choice widens at this level: Famous novels in easy and concise language, picture books and children’s books that are popular with adults. AND the first step manga with furigana. All these may give you pleasant surprises!

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