Tadoku-Friendly Books Written for the Japanese Audience

When you feel at home with the four rules of tadoku, it’s time to try easy books that you find in Japanese books for Japanese audience. The link takes you to the list of possible choices from publishers for Japanese readers. Some words and phrases may be new because you don’t see them in course books, but you should be able to skip them without losing interest in the content. You are getting used to everyday Japanese you come across in Japan.


About our grading principles

Tadoku Supporters has prepared the graded list of books for native Japanese readers with the help from learner reports. Grading is based on the criteria for Japanese Graded Readers, but please remember that readability of a book depends very much on your likes and dislikes as well as on your interests and your mother tongue. Follow the links below to find books according to grade levels.

Picture books

Picture books for children can sometimes be very difficult due to kids’ talk and/or a lot of abbreviated forms. On the other hand, the rhythmical repetition of sounds and words can be fun even for adults. Enjoy ‘reading’ the pictures too.

Photo books

Photos are sometimes fascinating as well as charming so that pages seem to turn themselves on. Captions will sneak into your hearts at the same time and will stay there for a long time afterwards.

Children’s books

Children’s books on the list include not only for grade school children but young people of high school ages. They are novels, nonfiction titles on Japanese society and culture, and will prepare you for longer narratives. Choose those books with pronunciation hints, if you can.

Manga / Anime

Manga and anime are adored and devoured all around the world. Start with such books and anime that you enjoyed in translation, or books with furigana prompts. Enjoy the breakneck speed the pictures give you. When you are used to manga and anime conventions, go on to new manga or anime series.


Once the tadoku approach begins to feel natural, why don’t you try light novels and essays, or manga-essay with a lot of illustrations. Books without frigana may come in your reach so just be bold and try a few pages.

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