NPO Tadoku Supporters proposes tadoku to learners and teachers of Japanese language.

Tadoku in Japanese

Our efforts to propagate tadoku started in 2002. We’ve focused our attention to put tadoku securely as an alternative approach to teaching of the Japanese language, production of graded readers and use of them in classrooms being two main activities. The present site is another effort to enrich tadoku environment. We invite learners to take advantage of this site to find tadoku materials, and teachers to share hints, joys and problems with each other.

Production of tadoku materials

In 2002, when we became aware of the role of tadoku in language acquisition, there were no Japanese tadoku materials. Production was started on trial and error basis by the seven or eight founding members.

The first results were twenty completely handmade readers. Then in 2006, they became part of Japanese Graded Readers (Ask Publishing) In 2016, Taishukan Japanese Readers (Taishukan Publishing) has been added and in total we have 134 books at six levels, including free readers on the web.

We have been encouraged by the warm welcome they enjoy from individual learners and Japanese language schools as well as high schools and universities in the U.S. and elsewhere. We have more and more writers and illustrators too.

About us: Tadoku in other languages

Our practice and propagation of tadoku extends, beyond Japanese, to English, Korean and Spanish. See the separate sites for more information.

  • NPO多言語多読
  • にほんごたどく
  • 英語多読
  • 韓国語多読
  • スペイン語多読

Supporting the NPO Tadoku Supporters

Our funds mainly come from membership fees and donations. Please show your interest and appreciation of our ideals and activities by joining the membership. Help to bring tadoku to every corner of the world. Donations are also warmly accepted.


Your inquiries and views about this site can be sent via the inquiry form or by email at Lectures and seminars can be arranged and reports of your classroom activities can be sent through the same channel.

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