Our Graded Readers

Graded for easy access to starting learners, and for smooth ascent to higher levels. Lots of pictures and photos will make reading without any help from dictionaries a sheer joy for beginners of tadoku. You will enjoy them as you do books in your own tongue. Audio recording will make listen-while-you-read even more of fun.

The Wind and the Sun

Special features of graded readers

  • Controlled vocabulary and grammar suitable to each level. ≫ See Levels Explained.
  • Kanji have furigana, or pronunciation clues.
  • Pictures and photos to help you enjoy the content.
  • Genres include fairy tales, abridged classics, cultural, historical, biographical and other wide topics.
  • All come with audio recording as CD or mp3 download.

Five separate series from five publishers

Five series are being published or supervised by the NPO Tadoku Supporters. They all follow the same principles stipulated by the NPO.

Japanese Graded Readers
First published in 2006, the series boasts the greatest number of books in excess of 120. It has Rio-san of Nishimachi Koban, The Kimura Family, most popular series, as well as abridged versions of classical Natsume Soseki’s and Mori Ogai’s works.
  • Publisher: Ask Publishing
  • Price: ¥2,300 per pack (without tax)
  • Note: Levels 0 to 4, 86 books in 16 separate packs, five to eight books to each packs. Available only as packs.
Taishukan Japanese Readers
The new series first published in 2016. Includes fairy tales, novels, biographies, Japanese culture presented with many pictures. It has Level 5 books which are not available from other publishers. Some packs contain mixed levels.
  • Publisher: Taishukan
  • Price: ¥2,400~¥2,500 per pack (without tax)
  • Note: Levels 0 to 5, 55 books in 10 separate packs, four to seven books to each packs. Available only as packs.
Nihongo Tadoku Books
The series available only at the NPO Tadoku Supporters. Includes Tales by Aesop, fairy tales, abridged novels, totalling nine at the moment. Individual books can be purchased. Ideal for sampling tadoku.
  • Publisher: NPO Tadoku Supporters
  • Price: ¥450~¥600 (without tax)
  • Note: 9 books at Levels 0 to 3
Nihongo Tadoku Books app
Aps p for Nihongo Tadoku Books for PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Publisher: White Rabbit Press
  • Price: ¥350~
  • Note: 9 books at Levels 0 to 3
Web Tadoku Books *FREE
Members of NPO Tadoku Supporters created these free readers to increase the number of books for tadoku and promote tadoku. Available online with a web browser and/or download and print into book formats. Free books created by students and teachers are also published online.
  • Publisher: NPO Tadoku Supporters
  • Price: FREE

ご購入先 一覧

シリーズ 紙の本 電子本 朗読音声の
にほんご よむよむ⽂庫(アスク出版)
※作品ごとに配布元が異なります。詳しくは こちら≫
White Rabbit Press(アプリ)
Web Tadoku Books【無料】(NPO多⾔語多読) NPO多⾔語多読のウェブサイト

the Japanese Book-Reading ClubFREE

Want to read Japanese books? Join us if you know a little Hiragana. Booktalks after reading can be fun as well!

Saturdays 15:30~17:00 @Shinjuku

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Japanese Language Classes

You read a lot, talk a lot, and write a lot to begin and improve your Japanese.

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