Guide to Using Our Free Tadoku Books

Our Free Tadoku Books on this website are designed for tadoku(多読), or reading extensively in Japanese. Please follow the four golden rules of tadoku and use the books according to the ‘CC BY-NC-ND 4.0’ license.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Read them according to the four golden rules of tadoku, so you can enjoy a lot of Japanese books.

Four golden rules:

  1. Start with very easy books.
  2. Don’t use a dictionary.
  3. Skip over difficult words, phrases and passages.
  4. When the going gets tough, quit the book and pick up another.

Reading while listening to audio recordings is also recommended.

Absolutely yes! When sharing, please make sure to give credit to ‘NPO多言語多読’.

Sure! Feel free to use them (even in commercial activities) only if they are used for tadoku in university or Japanese language school classes, or for personal learning support. Just remember not to make any changes. If it’s for commercial use, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

No, we prefer our Free Tadoku Books as they are. Please don’t make any changes or add anything. For instance, you cannot:

  • Create videos using our Free Tadoku Books and publish them on YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Add translations, explanations, tests, etc., and use them as classroom material.
  • Make audio readings and publish them on websites, etc.

No, commercial resale is not allowed.

——Want your books on the ‘Free Tadoku Books’ page?

Please contact us, we’ll check if your books can be shared.

——Interested in creating tadoku materials for your classes?

Join our course and learn how to make them.

——Join in making our Free Tadoku Books with us?

We have online sessions a few times a year. To join, you need to be an associate member(準会員) or above who finished our course. Sign up for the course first!

Note: The course on making books for tadoku is offered online and in Japanese.

Support us with a donation.

Many Japanese language teachers have volunteered to give a hand in making our Free Tadoku Books available to you. Your donation keeps us going. We truly appreciate your support.

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